All About Curt Runger

I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and graduated from Farragut High School in May 1995. Left Knoxville and attended Clemson University in South Carolina from 1995-1999 and earned a BA in Language & International Trade with a focus on German. Left Clemson in August 1999 and moved to Atlanta where I worked at Messe Frankfurt, the leading international trade show company in the world, and in a year’s time worked my way up to assuming the responsibilities of International Service Manager and traveled to Frankfurt, Germany to conduct business.

I was always destined to become an attorney. My late grandfather, Bruce Laybourne, was a Harvard Law Graduate and an All American basketball player at Ohio State University in the 1930s…BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, a revered lawyer who owned his own law practice in Akron, Ohio. (I’m not afraid to name drop…and you shouldn’t be either as long as you name drop in moderation and understand you can’t abuse it). I applied to law school in Spring 2000, was accepted to the University of Memphis and started law school there in August 2000. My goal was to get a J.D., land a job at German company in a legal or business capacity. The long and short of it is that I passed law school and graduated with a J.D. from the University of Memphis in May 2003. I sat for the July 2003 Tennessee Bar Exam, which I found out I passed in October 2003 and obtained my Tennessee law license.

I quickly learned that my goal heading into law school was not a viable option for me. After interviewing for multiple law firm jobs and marketing positions at attorney placement firms and being disappointed at their offers, I decided to go out on my own and start a law practice. In April 2004, I met an attorney who had spillover cases he was wanting to refer to an associate and the arrangement was “no overhead, but eat what you kill.” I accepted the next day and haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward to 2016. I now am hiring attorney at the law offices of Douglass & Runger and have two associates who are both talented lawyers working under me. I successfully built a law practice essentially on my own, but in the process did a lot of soul searching, research and study into the legal job market and came to the realization that

1. There are too many law schools.
2. There are too many newly licensed attorneys without work.
3. Large firms and small outfits are the future of the practice of law.
4. If you’re a law school graduate who doesn’t have a job within 3 months of obtaining your law license, you need to consider going out on your own.

I love to motivate, speak and coach lawyers, and like to think that I am good at it.  I decided I wanted to create a solo practitioner online community that would serve to teach young attorneys and aspiring solo practitioners how to establish a successful law practice and help them develop and grow as solo practitioners. As someone who built a successful solo practice into a four attorney law practice in less than 10 years, I know first hand the challenges that attorneys who want to start their own law practice face. I launched my membership website for solo practitioners in 2016 and love helping lawyers build a gratifying, viable law practice through my program.