My mission, as a mentor to new attorneys and aspiring solo practitioners, is to equip my clients with the confidence and practical skills they need to open and build a successful solo law practice.


    My vision is to cultivate a new generation of solo practitioners who engage in meaningful work while living life on their own terms.

To help you start your own solo law practice, I have developed a three-part method.

1. Teaching aspiring solo practitioner attorneys how to:

    • Overcome their fears of lacking practical experience practicing law
    • Truly make the commitment to become a successful solo practitioner
    • Establish an office or office sharing arrangement
    • Set up necessary bank accounts, procure malpractice insurance & office equipment
    • Successfully market themselves both on and offline
    • Prepare for tax consequences and challenges of being self employed
    • Get clients and steer clear of “problem clients”
    • Collect all of their fees
    • Manage their time efficiently by utilizing technology
    • Maintain the balance necessary to flourish personally and professionally

2. Providing invaluable insight acquired from years of building a successful solo practice and showing you how to:

    • Effectively manage your clients' expectations
    • Establish a system for case management that ensures your solo law practice operates efficiently
    • Guarantee your clients refer you new clients for years after your representation of them ends
    • Successfully deal with the most unreasonable and difficult types of opposing counsel you'll inevitably encounter

3. Building a network of solo attorneys to support each other in developing passion-filled, successful practice in order to:

    • Leverage the expertise and experience of seasoned, veteran attorneys
    • Establish lucrative referral sources and ethical fee splitting arrangements