Growing Your Solo Law Practice.

Mentoring is the First Step

pillarsThe Right Fit

If you are serious about establishing, building and growing your own solo law practice from scratch and are considering applying for a coaching package with me, please take a few minutes to read over the next few paragraphs to ensure that you are the “right” fit for my program and that I am the “right” for you.


The Ideal Candidate

My ideal coaching candidate is 100% committed to starting his own solo law practice and is willing to do whatever it takes to successfully accomplish that objective. My ideal client is unwilling to let the fact that he has never quoted a fee to a client, tried a case or even appeared before a judge stand in his way. My ideal client is open-minded, intensely driven and willing to accept my coaching and complete my program.


Who is NOT an Ideal Candidate

I understand that many of the people visiting this site are likely here because they have been unable to land a job at a law firm and cannot find work. I also understand that many of these same people likely have student loans that must be paid back and are concerned about paying their bills. All that being said, if you are absolutely financially desperate and are having problems even paying your living expenses, my services are not for you. It has been my experience that people who are in times of financial crisis oftentimes look for a “quick solution” and may be reluctant to follow the advice and recommendations I give them. If you fall in this category, ALL IS NOT LOST! There are still some things you may try to begin to build a viable solo practice. I suggest the following:

  1. Contact your local or state bar association and inquire about free “mentoring” programs with volunteer attorneys.
  2. Purchase one of many books out on the market about how to start a law practice.
  3. Read as much free literature online as possible about how to start a solo law practice.

I also am not interested in working with excuse-makers, quitters or pessimists, so if you fall into one of these three categories, I’m probably not the person for you! This may sound overly harsh, but I value being up front with people and don’t like to wasting people’s time, especially mine! If after reading these couple of paragraphs, you don’t fall into one of these categories and are interested in working with me, please send me a message! I have a passion for coaching and mentoring and would love the opportunity to discuss my services with you! To Your Success, Curt

1 Hour Coaching Session

RATE: $175

2 Hour Coaching Session

RATE: $300

Private Mentoring for Serious Entrepreneurs and admission into Mentoring Continuity Program