Are you a newly licensed attorney who has opened or wants to open a solo law practice? Watch this video now.

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  • The Most Important Step To Take Before Starting Your Solo Law Practice.
  • How To Avoid Developing Bad Traits That Will Cripple Your Solo Law Practice And Set You Back Years.
  • The Simple Way To Ensure That Your New Solo Law Practice Succeeds In Its First Year.
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I started my solo law practice well over a decade ago and over the years have witnessed countless newly licensed attorneys who were trying to start their own solo law practice making critical mistakes that literally set their practices back years...I’ve worked with numerous, newly licensed attorneys who were straight out of law school and helped them build extremely successful practices that are now flourishing. Watch this video and use what it works!

Curt Runger Curt Runger
Founder & CEO,
What My Video Will Help You Do (click here) +

If you’re a newly licensed attorney trying to start your own solo law practice, or even an attorney who has been out of lawschool for a few years and decided to start your own solo law practice, then my video is perfect for you because it will help you:

  • Realize the mistake that you’ve been making that is holding back your solo law practice growth
  • Get crystal clear on who you need to work with to kickstart your solo law practice
  • Avoid people who will not help you advance your solo law practice

The Top Three Things You'll Gain:

  • An understanding about the biggest mistake you’ve been making that is stunting your solo law practice growth
  • Identify exactly who you need to be working with in order to kickstart your solo law practice
  • Eliminate useless and counter-productive influences who are not helping you promote your solo law practice
About Me (click here) +

Curt Runger is the founder and CEO of Attorney Mentors and the creator of the Solo Law BluePrint, an online course that assists newly licensed attorneys in successfully starting their own solo law practices. He is the managing partner of the law firm Douglass & Runger in Memphis, Tennessee, which started out as a one man law firm, that Curt successfully built into one of the most reputable small law firms in Memphis, Tennessee.

Curt has worked with many newly licensed attorneys and has helped them successfully start profitable and fulfilling solo law practices through his years of experience running a solo law firm and vast legal marketing knowledge.

Curt and his team of attorney mentors equip their clients with the confidence and practical skills they need to open and build a successful solo law practice.

Curt speaks at law schools around the country and is an active volunteer in several Memphis organizations.


Diplomas on Curt’s Wall:

BA in Language & International Trade (German), Clemson University

Juris Doctorate, University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

Dog: Sophie (West Highland White Terrier)

Favorite Past-Times: Playing Basketball, Working Out, Hanging out with my wife, Jodi, Watching all sports

Favorite Food: Filet Mignon

Favorite Movie: Back to School

Biggest Fear: Heights

Childhood Dream: becoming a famous sports agent

15 minutes of fame: having two of my cases covered on the local Memphis news

Biggest Professional Honor: being selected over numerous candidate to serve City Attorney for Gallaway, Tennessee.

Favorite Quote: All progress takes place outside the comfort zone


Curt Runger is a practicing attorney in Memphis, Tennessee and is the founder of Attorney Mentors, LLC. Curt’s mission is to equip newly licensed attorneys with the confidence and practical skills they need to open and build a successful solo law practice and the vision of Attorney Mentors is to cultivate a new generation of solo practitioners who engage in meaningful work while living life on their own terms. Curt is also the creator of the Solo Law Blueprint, a course that teaches newly licensed attorneys how to successfully launch their own successful solo law practices with no experience practicing law or running a business.

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